The Road So Far : VGL - Road To Legends - Season 3

Season 3 of the VGL : Road To Legends, has thus far given us an amazing journey

filled with huge upsets & unique firsts. This has been in part due to the presence of professional teams likeAEK & APOEL, who respectively launched their very own eSports departments during the latter half of Season 3. The entrance of Pro-teams have certainly given VGL eSports an amount of prestige, that no other eSports company in Greece controls at this point in time. As VGL will keep on growing to levels that were seen as mere impossible some 3 years ago, so will the attraction of more professional teams to the competitive FIFA stage of Greece & Cyprus.

Currently, 5 games before Season 3 will conclude, GameSpace EFC leads the table with 39 points in 15 games, with 13 Wins, 0 Draws & 2 Losses. Their starmen for this season, Kompogiannis & Vlachos, have led them to establishment in 1st Place with both of them scoring a combined 19 goals out of the team's 40. Goalkeeper Pantelis Moulazimakis, has been on top form for club & country, keeping cleansheets that helped the team remain top of the league. Honorable mentions for the teams's so far success also go out to the likes of Topouzis, Aggelakis & Papadakis.

 Second-Placed FIFA Hellas have much work to put in if they wish to remain at high grounds. In 15 games, they have managed 10 Wins , 1 Draw & 4 Losses while also having the highest offensive tally of goals with 42. Their main-man for this season has to be no other than Orfanos, who currently has the impressive 13 goals & 5 assists in 12 games. The team will look at Orfanos, as the man  who has the ability to keep the team in chase of 1st Place & a top finish.

A.E.K Athens on the other hand, managed to quell their weak form during the start of the season & are currently locked in 3rd place with 29 points (1 point higher than 4th- Placed Valyrian Dragons). They have a total of 31 goals in 14 games,with 9 Wins, 2 Draws & 3 Losses. Emmanouilidis & Bertachos have scored an outstanding 19 out of 31 goals, making them without a doubt the forerunners for the team's last hopes in conquering the title during their first season in the VGL.

5th-Placed Greek Freakz, will be aiming for the highest possible finish, despite winning the league not being a mathematical possibility. 6 Wins, 2 Draws & 7 losses in 15 games are their official tally thus far, with Babboul leading their attack in a 6 goal-1 assist season.

Lastly, 6th-Place APOEL Nicosia  having recently entered the league in the place of VGL Saints, stand with 19 points in 14 games with 5 Wins. 4 Draws & 5 Losses. Their manager & professional FIFA-Player, the Cypriot Eftimis Argyrides, currently leads the team in chance for a final push for a high-table finish with 5 goals & 3 assists in 11 games.


7TH - Trivellato GR - 18 Points / 15 Games

8TH - Cyprus E.S - 18 Points / 15 Games

9TH - Greek Thug - 15 Points / 14 Games

10th - BBC Gang - 5 Points / 14 Games

11th - Greek Lions - DISQUALIFIED




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