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Frequently Asked Questions

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Road to Legends is a FIFA league that is either in a paid or free form for FIFA (on PS4). There, you can choose to join or manage a professional eSport or amature team (custom name and logo) . You also have the ability to either play as a player in a team of 11, or to be the one who calls the shots.

On which console you run the leagues?

We are currently run our leagues on the PS4 Console.

Road to Legends Logo Image

Showdown is a seasonal league for FIFA '18 (on PS4) where you can choose an existing soccer club (e.g. Liverpool, Crystal Palace, etc.) and fight your way through the leaderboard!

How many teams participating to your league?

Showdown accepts 64 players  /teams that are divided in 2 Divisions and 8 groups.

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