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    What is the Gcoin (GIC)?
    GCoin is the official Virtual Currency of VGL eSports and can be used only in our website, can be exchanged for real value products (Consoles, games, accessories etc) and it represents players, managers value and club wages as well as the team budgets



    How it works | Every player starts his Pro Club career with a starting value of 1.500GIC and he is evaluated depend on his stats, awards, trophies and achievements.

    Gcoin access | The Player in order to be able and exchange the GCoin has to buy Gcoin Premium or Premium membership. As soon as the player has paid for access, Our Staff creates a player account on the GCoin marketplace (Gcoin Profile, Gcoin Bank).

    Players GCoin  Season Bonuses

    Journey-Player Progression (Value)

    • Most Valuable Player (MVP) / 1.000 Gc
    • Starting player of Team of the Season / 500 Gc
    • Reserve player of Team of the Season/ 300 Gc
    • Top player per position 500 Gc
    • Top scorer / Assists 500 Gc
    • Champion / 800 Gcoins
    • Cup / 400 Gcoins
    • 2nd / 300 Gcoins
    • 3rd / 200 Gcoins
    • 4th / 100 Gcoins
    • Live stream Bonus / 50 Gcoins (Account Bonus)

    Note: The manager has the right to reward the players as a season bonus.

    •  Maximum bonus limit per season
    •  500 GIC per player


    Gcoin Player evaluation

    Points on any player position

    • Completing a game 30 GIC
    • Goal 150 GIC
    • Assist 45 GIC
    • Key Pass 15 GIC
    • Hat trick 45 GIC
    • Player of the match (manager's decision) 45 GIC
    • 4 completed passes 15 GIC
    • 10 failed passes -15 GIC
    • Yellow card -15 GIC
    • Red card -45 GIC

    Players are split into the following categories:

    Strikers (ST/RS/LS/RF/LF/RW/LW/CAM)

    • Team doesn't score -30 GIC
    • Central (CM/LCM/RCM/RM/LM)
    • Interception 10.5 GIC
    • Tackle won 15 GIC
    • Team doesn’t score -30 GIC

    Central Defence (CDM/RDM/LDM)

    • Team clean sheet 75 GIC
    • Interception 10.5 GIC
    • Won tackle 15
    • Clearance 15 GIC
    • Every goal his team concedes -15

    Defenders (CB/LB/RB)

    • Teams clean sheet 75 GIC
    • Interception 10,5 GIC
    • Won tackle 15 GIC
    • Clearance 15 GIC
    • Every goal his team concedes -15 GIC


    • Save 22,5 GIC
    • Team clean sheet 75 GIC
    • Cross caught 22,5
    • Every goal his team concedes -15 GIC


    Note 1: VGL Staff has the right to change rules, method and values at any moment.

    Note 2: In that case, all managers and players have to be informed.




    Gcoin Premium (Access) - Annual Discount 8 euro

    1. 1st season for the player 3,75
    2. 2nd season for the player 2,48
    3. 3rd to 5th season for the player 1,2

    Premium membership (Gcoin Bonus)

    1. Premium memberships are for its season
    2. Gcoin Premium 1.500 GIC
    3. Basic Premium 3.000 GIC
    4. Advanced Premium 5.000 GIC
    5. Ultimate Premium 10.000 GIC




GCoin Homepage


Virtual Pro Clubs has been upgraded and the VGL eSports Staff with the new financial system offers managers and players a strong sense of management realism as well as a rewarding activity for all the participants.


Now all the players and teams will initiate with a starting budget of 1500 GIC for players and 3.000.000 Million GIC for the Official and participants Clubs.

Players now have the ability to gain GIC based on their performance on the pitch to the conducting tournaments by VGL eSports, GIC is able to reward our players and can be exchanged for real value products.

In addition, Clubs and players will pay their penalties to the Online Virtual Bank we have created and the Club Budget will be managed by the GCoin Department of VGL eSports.

Each player will now have monetary value in the Virtual Currency starting at 1,500 GIC while entering the league and will alternate his statistics, based on performance and course in the championship.

Every season the player can increase his GCoin income by his performance, trophiesand awards.

In Circulation:
59,999,999.00 GCoins


GIC is the official Virtual Currency of VGL eSports and can be used only in our website, can be exchanged for real value products and it represents player, manager player value, club wages and team budgets.

Member Group Net Worth
Administrators 59987616
GCoin Access 12383