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§1 Freedom of expression
You can, of course, express your opinion freely, even though it may not always agree with the views of the administrators and moderators. Freedom of expression, however, also has its limitations. We do not tolerate racist, despicable or violence-promoting formulations as well as contributions with pornographic and offensive content.

§2 Form of treatment
In this forum the principle applies: First consider and then post! Members who interfere in the sound are warned by the responsible moderator who also reserves the right to edit or delete the contribution. Should a member disturb the climate in the forum significantly, he is blocked by the administrator.

§3 Private affairs
Please do not post your private conversations in the forum! No one has any objection to a meaningful discussion. If User A in the forum with User B disputes, because User B never answers the e-mails of User A, then nobody cares. Also, private relationships have not lost anything here. If discussions of this kind degenerate, the responsible moderator will intervene and take appropriate measures.

§4 Privacy
Contents from messenger logs, private e-mails and private messages, queries from the chat, etc. may not be made public without the consent of the parties involved. This also applies to the unsolicited internal forwarding of private messages. Here we show absolutely no tolerance. A member who publishes privates in the forum or redirects private messages unasked is excluded from the community. It is also prohibited to publish real names from VGL staff. This includes, technicians and others, who are acting on behalf of VGL

§5 Create topics
The title of a topic should be well thought out. Subject headings such as: Help ... or Urgent ... etc. are not liked here. Such topics are renamed or deleted by the responsible moderator. Think about how you want to name your topic. Best with a brief description of the problem. So the other users who want to help you can also rather recognize what it is.
Creation of several topics of the same content, in the same or another forum, is also punished with a warning.

§5a Meaningless One Line
It is a talent to be short - and occasionally one sentence says more than half a novel. Completely non-saying one-liners in the chat style, which serve merely to increase the posting number, however, we do not find so successful.
It makes the other members simply no fun, between 50 Nonsense contributions two interesting contributions to search. The only exception is the off-topic area, where we do not take that so exactly.

§5b Report post
This function is intended to report rules violations to a moderator. It is not intended for everyone to ask questions to moderators.
If this function is misused, the user is warned or even blocked.

§6 External links
We do not tolerate links to websites with illegal, racist, pornographic, violence-glorifying or despising content. Such links are immediately removed and the member is cautioned.

§7 Advertising
We do not allow any contributions to the commercial advertising of a particular product. Of course, it is not forbidden to write "buys this game, which is cool!", But the post may not serve exclusively the advertising. The same is true for signatures.

§8 Sales
The offering and selling is not allowed in this forum only in the intended market place and happens on a private level as well as at your own risk! The forum management can not accept liability for misuse or difficulties with the purchase processing!

§9 pictures
For uploaded images, the same rules apply as for texts. Pictures with pornographic, racist or violence-glorifying content have nothing to look for. Furthermore, copyright law must be observed. We do not take any responsibility for infringements of the copyright on the part of the users.

§10 Date changes
When uploading files, make sure that they are virus-free. Also pay attention to the copyright of the files. If this rule is violated, the files are deleted and the user is warned.

§11 Nicknames
You can choose your nickname according to your taste. The name may not be obscene or offensive. It is forbidden to register multiple user names.

§12 Rights of administrators and moderators
The administrators reserve the right to block or exclude members who have violated our rules significantly or repeatedly.