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Virtual Pro Clubs has been upgraded and the VGL eSports Staff with the new financial system offers managers and players a strong sense of management realism as well as a rewarding activity for all the participants.


Now all the players and teams will initiate with a starting budget of 1500 GIC for players and 30 Million GIC for the Official and participants Clubs.

Players now have the ability to gain GIC based on their performance on the pitch to the conducting tournaments by VGL eSports, GIC is able to reward our players and can be exchanged for real value products.

In addition, Clubs and players will pay their penalties to the Online Virtual Bank we have created and the Club Budget will be managed by the GCoin Department of VGL eSports.

Each player will now have monetary value in the Virtual Currency starting at 1,500,000 GIC when entering the league and will alternate his statistics, based on performance and course in the championship.

Every season the player can increase his GCoin income by his performance, trophies and awards.

In Circulation:
257,980,000.00 GCoins


GIC is the official Virtual Currency of VGL eSports and can be used only in our website, can be exchanged for real value products and it represents player, manager player value, club wages and team budgets.

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Members 29791474
President - RTL 137980000
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