Tuzla City announced the acquisition of Balkan city

Tuzla city creates an 11vs11 team to participate on HFP league co oporating with VGL eSports. The competition is big and they have to work hard on this season! Τhe team made an announcement.

In recent months, Esports games have become increasingly popular, and they are competitive video game games. The popularity of the Esports Games is shown by the fact that it is being considered that the Olympics will take place one day, where you will have various competitions. Gamers like to call eSport a real sport, because the equipment is used, but officially, today it is just a form of competition, not a full-fledged sport that all gamers would like.

The most popular video game when it comes to the Balkans is certainly PES. That's how we'll start our story. We started playing in the 1v1 Balkan League, but soon, there was a desire to create a multi-team (10v10 or 11v11), where 10 or 11 players participate on one side, but also on the other.

At the beginning we were called Balkan City, as we called the 1v1 League, but as we could not participate in some regional and European tournaments 10v10, 11v11, we wanted to form a team with the name of a club from BiH. Our first option was Tuzla City, because we had several players from BiH in the team who recognized the great project and beautiful story of this Tuzla club, so at no time did we have a dilemma which team to choose.

Our team is composed of players from the former state, from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today we are equally fighting with many successes against teams such as Partizan, Crvena Zvezda, Radnički Niš, Hajduk Split, Dinamo Zagreb and many other teams from all over Europe that have also founded their eSport.

The eSport FK Tuzla City team also represented the BiH national team, and won a high third place at the recent European Championships, and for the finals I needed a little, we lost to the SERBIAN national team after the championship, which later won the championship.

After that, our team won a high second place in the next tournament, and it was a club European competition, where we were defeated in the final.

We are currently active participants in leagues such as Galactic, Caelum, Eurodivision, VGL.

press Service Tuzla City


Source : https://fktuzlacity.com/


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