Road To Legends eSports Greece/EU Season 2

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The Best 11v11 e-Sports mode getting Virtual Pro Club upgraded and VGL's team offer to the Managers and the Players a strong feeling of realism along with a  quality competitive gameplay!

All the teams will start in the League with the same budget, which will be used for buying players (Transfer Market) and declare participation in the cham

pionships and the tournaments.
Moreover, they will pay their penalties in the VGL e-Sports Banking where the Manager - Founder of each team will be able to control club financials.VGL e-Sports Official Virtual Currency -  Gcoin(GC)

New players joining our championships, will begin with a transfer value of 1.0M GC which will be increased based on his performance, the transfer value will be the average of all the seasons participated.

Rank Teams Points Played Won Lost Drawn Current form
1 VGL Everton 103 38 33 1 4 WWDWW
2 VGL Manchester United 96 36 32 3 1 WWWWL
3 VGL Tottenham 96 37 31 3 3 WDWWW
4 VGL West Ham United 92 38 30 6 2 DWLWW
5 VGL Watford FC 79 38 25 9 4 DLWWW
6 VGL Manchester City 76 38 25 12 1 WWWWW
7 VGL Bournemouth 71 38 22 11 5 LWDWL
8 VGL Trivellato 64 38 19 12 7 WWLWW
9 VGL Arsenal 58 39 19 19 1 WDWWW
10 VGL Southampton 49 36 15 17 4 WLLLD
11 VGL Brighton FC 48 38 14 18 6 LLWLD
12 VGL West Bromwich Albion FC 43 36 12 17 7 LDLDW
13 VGL Stoke City 41 35 12 18 5 LLDWW
14 VGL Crystal Palace 40 38 12 22 4 WLWDD
15 VGL Liverpool 37 36 11 21 4 LDLWL
16 VGL Swansea 31 38 10 27 1 LLLLL
17 VGL Chelsea FC 30 39 9 27 3 LLLLL
18 VGL Leicester 16 36 5 30 1 LWLLW
19 VGL Burnley FC 13 36 4 31 1 LLLLL
20 VGL Huddersfield Town FC 3 38 1 37 0 LLLLL
Bonus points
VGL Manchester United: -1
Champions League
Europa League


What is Road to Legends?

Road to Legends is a seasonal league for FIFA '18 (on PS4) where you can choose to join or manage existing soccer clubs (e.g. Liverpool, Crystal Palace, etc.) and either represent a player in a team of 11 or be the one who calls the shots. 


Flexible Schedule - Arrange your Matchdays.

1. 4 Matches per week has to be played.

2. Matches must be scheduled between 7 UK Time to 00:00 UK Time.

3. Coaches arrange the match day and time after communicating with the opponent coach.Day and time are based on when the most players are available.



1.Each team must play with a minimum of 6 players, 1 must be the any but, the any can’t be the goalkeeper.

2.The home team manager is obligated to updating the Live Feed post of the current match in the Community Center, Facebook Group (Access to this group will be given to the management by the admin) and updating the posts with comments for the game at halftime and full time as well posting the stats video.

3.Rage Quit (-3) points to the team with the loss (3-0) (-3) points to the team as a penalty (-250,000) from the value of every player in the match and the manager gets a 300,00 deduction from his value (-500,000) from the team’s budget (+150,000) to the value of each player from the opposing team that participated in the game. Only in the case that there is video proving the goals and assists made will the stats count. If there is no video the whole roster of the rage quitting team will be penalized while no players from the winning team will gain extra value

4.In case of 3 rage quits in the league (the team is penalized and the cannot compete in the season they did the 3 rage quits or the next one)

5.Players that get a red card will not be able to play the next game. This punishment also applies to the any only if the foul happened in order to stop a goal. The penalty will take place in the next game according to the schedule and not according to the order the team plays its matches.

6.Deliberately wasting time is forbidden e.g. holding the ball close to the corner flag and generally wasting time during free kicks or not trying to attack and having the goalkeeper and defenders keep hold of the ball. 7, In a free kick situation a defender cannot be on the goal’s line. 8. In case someone is lagged out of the game before kick-off the manager must immediately stop and inform his opponent in order to restart the match. If someone is lagged out before the 20th minute you again inform your opponent but the scoreline stays as it was in these first 20 minutes. If someone is lagged out after 20 minutes have passed the match shall go on.

9. Parking the bus and a formation with 5 at the back is forbidden regardless if there are normal players or bots.

ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ In case that one team is not following the rules you must send us a video or photo in the category appeal here so we can judge if there will be a penalty or warning






-Manager or the Assistant coach of the home team is obligated to inform the Live feed of communication centre in the comment sections of the matchday photo.

1. Day and Time of the matchday

2.Inform when the match begins.

3.Provide us with a photo of the match facts, scorer (Minuter) and Halftime Score.

4.Photo of the final score including scorer and minutes.

5.Goal highlights

6.Video statistics from both of the teams as well as player cards( Team Stats, Match Events, Players performance)

-In case of a draw, both managers record the statistics of the players, and this is happening because you only got 40 seconds before the extra time which does not count for our League.
-If your team is able to do a Livestream you just comment in your matchday photo the link of your stream.


The home team has a 24-hour deadline to inform the live feed, below matchups photo with those 4 specific data.
In case of deadline overdue Home team receives a minus 1-point penalty from Standing table

After the deadline, VGL's stats moderators will ask Away team for those 4 specific data.

*In case of Livestream you can show Player's performances there.
*In case of video exclusion from Youtube, due to music or copyright, you must inform VGL team immediately


Match schedule - communication with the opponent.

-The schedule for the match days of each club will be made automatically and will be uploaded to the website.Each team must complete 4 match days in a week against their opponents.

-Each team has 15 minutes of extra time from the time they set with their opponents. After 15 minutes have passed and there are no signs of their opponents they will win the game without playing with a score of 3-0 a.a If the clubs do not try to schedule the match, both teams will receive a draw. The Club must prove to the admins with a photo of their conversation that their opponent never showed up in the appeal category here.

Transfers- Free Agents

At the mid-point of the championship, there will be a 1-week transfer window. If the team wants to add a free agent they can do it throughout the season at any time.If the player belongs to a team's roster the team's manager must pay 1/3 of his price at that current time in order for his player to become a free agent.The team that will release a player as a free agent must pay 2/3 of his price at the current time.

Manager Duties - Results

The manager of the winning team must upload the score and statistics of the match in the VGL e-Sports Communications Center, in case of a draw the photo of the result must be uploaded by the home team manager. At the end of the game, the manager must upload the stats to the official statistic tool.
The manager is obliged after each game to upload a video with the stats of his players here with the title being the names of the participating teams in order for us to make a comparison, In case there are no stats for a player by the managers he will get a zero in all statistic categories.