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Gameplay Rules & Important Information

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Road to Legends is a FIFA league that is either in a paid or free form for FIFA (on PS4). There, you can choose to join or manage a professional eSport or amature team (custom name and logo) . You also have the ability to either play as a player in a team of 11, or to be the one who calls the shots.

Gameplay Rules Pro Clubs

Kit names / Known as, have to be the same with the player’s kitname on the VGL eSport card
The player jersey name (kitname) has to be the same with the player’s card kitname on VGL.
We use the Kitnames to add player stats. If a player changes his kit name without informing the admins,he will lose his stats and g-coins.
Custom team names and logos
Scheduled days and times ( 3 matches per week)
Minimum team roster : 11 / Maximum team roster : 22
Each team must have a minimum of 6 players on the field/ Use of Any is mandatory/ Use of Goalkeeper is optional
Free kick ( Defender is not allowed to stay on the goal line)
Players red card (Not allowed to play in the next match)
Deliberately wasting time is forbidden
Player lagged out before 15th minute, the match restarts and the score count as it is
Rage quit (- 3 point Penalty on the league Standings, manager will lose the right to take over a team)
3 Rage quits (Team disbanded, manager banned, players gcoins penalty)
In case that one team is not following the rules you must send to admins video or photo proof , in order for them to judge if there will be a penalty or warning.

Contracts / Transfers / Free Agency

Every new VGL player that signs for a team, starts with a 1.500 gcoin player value
In case a manager wants to add a new Free Agent to his roster who isn't part of any other team, the player’s value and contract payment is set at 1.500 Gc.

After the player’s eSport card creation,the manager has to invite the player on the team roster, on the website. The manager has to inform VGL e-Sports staff of the new player addition.
The player has to upload his VGL profile card picture with his new team uniform.The picture has to be saved via ps4 screenshot. Mobile or blurred pictures are not allowed on the profiles.
Each player's contract lasts 1 season​ and his ​rights​ are owned by the team's manager after he sign to a team.
During the transfer window in midseason, managers can Transfer palyers


The VGL Head Admin’s team has the responsibility of updating the stats of the league, the teams and the players, in case a VGL team decides to pay 10€ (2 seasons duration)​ for the team stats Premium Package.

Each team manager has to update Score after the match ends and  his team and player stats, at most 3hrs after the match. In the case that he doesn’t,his team gets a penalty of -1 point from the league Standings also -40.000 Penalty on team budget.


  • Home team
  a) Score + match facts for bouth teams
  b) Player events (Scorer/assist/cards/motm)
  c) Boxscore stats (Player perfomance cards)
  d) Match Lineup
  d) Pictures or video link (Score/match facts/cards/players cards)

  • Away team
  a) Player events (Scorer/assist/cards/motm)
  b) Boxscore stats
  c) Match lineup
  d) Pictures or video link (player cards)

  • Managers have to add Score and Scorer after the match
  • All stats and links have to import on 3hrs deadline
  • Stats Penalty -1 point from Standings and 40.000 Gc on team Budget

*If you have stats premium you only have to add score as Home team after the match and upload pics or video link of stats on 3hrs Deadline
Manager is responsible for his players behavior
If a manager resigns from a team he will get a Penalty and all gcoins on his account will be reset

Players Information

Every player has a value in virtual currency depending on the points that he gets in each league, which also depends on his stats, his journey and improvement through the league
Each player's value starts from 1,500 The player's value drops automatically to 2/3 of his original price if his let to be a free agent from his team.

Each player's contract lasts 1 season and his rights​ are owned by the team's manager after he sign to a team.
Players can be Transferred during the mid-season Transfer Window , releasing or signing a free agent is accepted all season, except for the last week.

If the player's manager doesn't want the player to enter free agency,the player must wait until the end of his contract.

In each transfer the Manager can trasfer the player depend of the player value at this time.
Journey-Player Progression (Value)
Managers can reward players with gcoins bonus
Player valuation

Team Information - Budget & Economy System

Initial Budget
Each team's initial budget sums up to 3.000.000 Gcoins for all year (5 seasons).
Club Income
Club Outcome
Primium memberships Gcoin bonus