The VGL Head Admin’s team has the responsibility of updating the stats of the league, the teams and the players, in case a VGL team decides to pay 10€ (2 seasons duration) for the team stats Premium Package.

Each team manager has to update his team and player stats, at most 3hrs after the match. In the case that he doesn’t, his team gets a penalty of -1 point from the league Standings also -40.000 Penalty on team budget.


  • Home team
  a) Score + match facts for both teams
  b) Player events (Scorer/assist/cards/motm)
  c) BoxScore stats (Player perfomance cards)
  d) Match Lineup
  d) Pictures or video link (Score/match facts/cards/players cards)

  • Away team
  a) Player events (Scorer/assist/cards/motm)
  b) BoxScore stats
  c) Match lineup
  d) Pictures or video link (player cards)

  • Managers have to add Score and Scorer after the match
  • All stats and links have to import on 3hrs deadline
  • Stats Penalty -1 point from Standings and 40.000 Gc on team Budget

*If you have stats premium you only have to add score as Home team after the match and upload pics or video link of stats on 3hrs Deadline.




Stats Proof Example

Match Events


Player Performance


Score / Match Facts


Lineup Ids


Video Tutorial

Statistic Explanatory

GP / Games played
Motm / Man of the match
Yc / Yellow card
Rc / Red card
Goal / Goal
HT / Hat trick
ShootON / Shoot On Target
ShootOF / Shoot Of Target
Ass / Assist
PassC / Passes complete
PassF / Passes Failed
KP / Key pass
Tac. W / Tackles won
Tac. M / Tackles made
Tac. L / Tackles Lose
INT / Interceptions
Pos W / Possession won
Pos L / Possesion lost
CLR / Clearence
DCS / Defensive Cleen sheet
GKS / Goalkeeper Saves
GKCC / Goalkeeper Cross caughts
G.A / Goal Against (How many Goals team Receive)
TeamNoG / 1 when Team dont score