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Nasos Vasalakis crowned the Seven Spots FIFA Champion!

Our very own Nasos Vasalakis managed to win yet another Panhellenic tournament, as he defeated fellow VGL member, Konstantinos Triantafyllou, in the Grand Final which took place in Larissa !

After an amazing campaign in the Regional Qualifiers, Nasos booked a place for the final.

In the 2 legged Grand Final, Nasos picked his classic Juventus side, while Konstantinos picked France. 

In the first game, first blood went to Nasos as he opened the score with a strike from Cristiano Ronaldo. A few minutes later Nasos stuck again,this time with Paulo Dybala. Konstantinos managed to pull one back with a great effort by Florian Thauvin. As the game was coming to a close, a last minute superb counter-attack by Nasos gave him a 3rd goal, again with Cristiano Ronaldo & thus ensuring him the victory

Nasos headed into the second game with a 3-1 lead on aggregate. Konstantinos tried his best to overcome his opponent,but amazing defending by Nasos managed to keep him at bay. After almost 70 minutes, Nasos finally managed to break the deadlock & gave himself the victory goal with Paulo Dybala. 

Nasos with an incredible campaign to his back, was crowned Seven Spot FIFA Champion. His rewards were staggering : 1000 euro SevenSpot giftcard, 1 TB PS4 Slim, 2 PS4 controllers, a copy of FIFA 19,the SevenSpot Champion Trophy & an Edifier audio-system worth 600 euro. 

Congratulations Naso !




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