Our services


Organizing pro & semi-pro eSports leagues, tournaments in highly competitive environment, mainly for sports games.


Hosting a variety of events, including championships and tournaments, for companies, schools, and federations.


Managing the first-ever eSports academy in Greece! Our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional football and the exciting world of eSports.


Providing comprehensive sports design services, including identity creation and management, for eSports teams and players


Organizing eNational team qualifiers, providing a platform for players to compete at the national level.


Offering a range of management services for eSports players, including career development and support.


Creating engaging content and challenges in sports and esports for players and fans.


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Our Goals

eSports Academy

  • 2024

We establish the first eSports Academy in Greece "Iones eSports Academy" ! Our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional football and the exciting world of eSports. 

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Hellenic Football Federation

  • 2022

VGL Collaborate with Hellenic Football Federation (ΕΠΟ) to manage Greek eNational Team  and organize eKypello Elladas on Ps5 FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM. 

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Tunisian Basketball Federation

  • 2021

VGL Collabs with Tunisian Basketball Federation for hosting official NBA2k eSports League.

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  • 2021

VGL organize qualification tournament for the biggest Gaming Event in the country (GameAthlon) for Football gaming title FIFA.

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  • 2020

VGL Collabs with Novasports to conduct FIFA ePlayoffs 11vs11 with the participation of official teams. 

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Digital expo

  • 2019

VGL conducts tournaments on FIFA, PES, NBA2k for the DEXPO with more than 20.000 attendants. 

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Official sports clubs

  • 2018

In 2018, VGL contributed to the creation of the first eSports teams for official sports clubs from Greece and Cyprus, enabling their participation in tournaments.

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The Begin

  • 2014

The first gaming communities were established on social media platforms with the aim of organizing tournaments in sports video games.

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Our Team

Makis toganidis

Founder & CEO

Since 2014, Makis Toganidis, aka Pasateboss, has been working in the esports industry. With years of experience and a passion for gaming, he has developed a deep understanding of the industry and its trends. He is  thriving in his role as manager of the eNational Team.



As an experienced and dedicated esports player manager, Alex Stamatelos has a deep understanding of the industry and its trends. With a passion for gaming and a talent for managing players, Alex has helped numerous individuals achieve success in the competitive world of esports.

sotiris tsifkas

Contect creator

Sotiris Tsifkas, also known as Fragbot, is a talented and innovative content creator in the esports and sports industries. With a passion for gaming and sports, and a creative flair, Fragbot produces engaging and entertaining content that resonates with audiences.



Footz is a talented and highly skilled designing team from Brazil with a passion for creativity and innovation. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for visual storytelling, Footz produces stunning designs that capture the imagination and inspire audiences.



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