superliga 11v11

The Greek National Championship SUPERLIGA in EAFC24 is an exciting online experience that allows you to create a virtual player and compete in a team with other players. With continuous training and collaboration, you pave the way for success at a national level. It’s an opportunity for competition, fun, and the development of football skills.



Join the Discord to be notified when registrations open, find a team or players, and schedule friendly matches.



Important matches are broadcast live on the VGL eSports YouTube channel with Greek commentators, guests, and various competitions.



Matches take place on Mondays & Thursdays at 22:00 & 22:40 unless teams agree on a different time.


To register your team, you need to complete 3 basic steps:

1. The Manager registers the team on Battlefy.
2. The Manager uploads the team’s logo to the Discord channel │🛡│team-logos.
3. Players who want to join the team must follow VGLESPORTS on Instagram and write their GAME ID and team name in the Discord channel │👚│proclubs.

Achieving Success in the

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